Our Mirrors Reflect Our Expert Craftsmanship

Our Mirrors Reflect Our Expert Craftsmanship

We'll create custom mirrors for your home or business

Mirrors do more than just show your reflection. For homeowners, mirrors are an important part of their home's interior design. If you own a gym or fitness studio, you need mirrors to help your students or members hone their skills. When you need new mirrors, trust the glasswork pros at Rhode Island Glass Company, Inc. Call now to make an appointment.

We can design any type of mirror

Turn to Rhode Island Glass Company when you need custom mirrors for your residential or commercial space. We can:

  • Design beveled or patterned mirrors to amp up your home's design.
  • Install wall-to-wall mirrors in your yoga, Pilates, karate or dance studio.
  • Complete your gym remodel with brand-new mirrors.

Property owners have been trusting us to design their mirrors since 1965. We cut our mirrors in-house, and we can create any type of custom design. Meet with us today to discuss your project.