Protect Your Table With Durable Glass

Protect Your Table With Durable Glass

Get a custom glass tabletop from Rhode Island Glass Company

You can keep your tabletops safe from scratches when you call Rhode Island Glass Company, Inc. today. We design glass tabletops that protect your tables from water damage, scratch marks and dings.

We can cut custom glass to protect any type of table, including:

  • Dining room tables
  • Kitchen tables
  • Conference room tables
  • End tables
  • Coffee tables

We'll make sure that your glass tabletop fits your table perfectly. Contact us today to learn more. We're based in Providence, Rhode Island.

See the benefits of our custom glass tabletops

Our glass tabletops do more than just protect your tables-they look beautiful. Adding a glass top to your office's conference table will make it look sleek and professional. And glass is a great way to give an old, weathered dining room table new life.

You'll also find it much easier to clean your tables without worrying about cleaning the wood properly. Just clean the glass, and it'll look as good as new. To enjoy these benefits and more, call Rhode Island Glass Company to start designing your custom glass tabletop.